Scenic Lucas Valley Road

About the Scenic Road Program and the Marin County Nomination of Lucas Valley Road

Our Beautiful Natural Scenic Resources of Marin County's Lucas Valley Road Corridor

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Scenic Road

To Honor  and Preserve these Beautiful Natural Scenic Resources -

Nominate Lucas Valley Road  to be Designated  Scenic Road

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A Scenic Road Designation of

Lucas Valley Road

For the Recognition and Preservation of Marin County’s Stunning Scenic Resources

No  added cost to taxpayers –

No added traffic for residents-  

Historical First Marin County Road to be Nominated

A Pilot Program for the Established County Policy Goal for Marin County participation in the Scenic Road Program   


Access Informational Documents on the links here:

To View the Two Page Information & Nomination Request Overview; Information Overview

To View the Facts, Purpose and Benefits Summary, view Scenic LV Road Facts

For Answers to Frequently asked questions, view the 2 page Scenic Road FAQs Page

For an Overview of potential enhanced grant benefits for county projects, see the Grant Overview

To see all supporters, comments and testimonials, visit the website Petition and Support Page 

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